When we started the ElectricCars website EV's were still viewed as "Impractical concept cars" only to be displayed at car shows. People around us actually laughed... You can't blame them, why would anyone pay $120,000 for a vehicle that could only drive 50 miles at a time?

In the early years EV's were hidden in the basement of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the International Auto Show... Now they are featured in the spotlight, center stage on revolving platforms!

Today, EV's are on the street, in the showrooms of major Auto Dealers, winning races with gas vehicles & breaking endurance, economy, distance and speed records! Every auto manufacturer in the world that intends to be in business in 20 years has invested in developing a line of Electric Cars.

We're winning now!



Our website is owned and operated privately. Because we are not in the back pockets of major corporations we offer an un-biased viewpoint of the electric car industry. Our commitment to being fair to all participating EV makers has been tested many times and we stand strong on our goals to help everyone who is honestly trying to make the earth a cleaner, safer place to live.

We have set up Our 3 Year Membership Program so that You will have an Extended period of time to be a part of the growth of our website and to witness the evolution of ElectricCars Especially Now that they have entered the most exciting phase... The Real World!


Our Goals & Commitments to Our World Health

Since the Beginning We've made it Our Goal to Provide Useful Information to the Above Average driver.

We also try to help the Hundreds of Companies Out there Bring EV's to the Marketplace by promoting their products. This has Been a Daunting Challenge as there Have Been So Many Advances in the Electric Car Technologies.

Literally Hundreds of Thousands of Pages of Text have Been Reviewed, Evaluated, Added to Our Knowledge Base or Discarded. We Hope to have Saved Our Members Thousands of Hours Wasted on impractical, over-technical cars that are "Wishful Thinking" and Focus on the Cars and Products that will Eventully Change Our Lives.

We have many plans for expanding our online services including support for new video technologies and We are always searching for New Electric Cars, Dealers & Products as they become available. If you find an Electric Car, Product or Service that Belongs in Our Listing Please let us Know! Announce a New Product Here

"The world is blind about what oil addiction is doing to our society... we're changing that..."
Bruce Gast - ElectricCars.com


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