Electric Vehicle Marketing Consulting
U.S.A. Europe and Worldwide

We offer consultation services for auto corporations, government agencies and auto dealers focusing on the best electric vehicles today and long term planning for EV's coming soon. Our expertice is the result of over two decades working in the epicenter of the EV world. We will work with your staff and focus on the practical needs of your market. Our consultation services include:

  • National, City and Local Program Coordination
  • Manufacturer EV Configurations and Specs
  • Auto dealership sales seminars - Training "car salespeople" to sell EV's
  • Planning for Vehicles available now and coming in the near future
  • Forward planning to add electric conversion technologies and products
  • Providing practical/sellable utilization of EV's for your market
  • Creation of programs specific to your situation
  • Personal Presentations, Breakdowns and Cost Analysis
  • Public motivations and dealing with known issues
  • THE PUBLIC! We've are the center of the Phase in of Electric Cars!
  • INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS! Networking with active EV entities

Contact our Consultation Dept for info on how we can help with your EV manufacturing projects.